Simon Bubb

Experienced entrepreneur, project manager, business development expert, author, CAA licenced

private pilot, electronic music producer and DJ

Company Founder

Never one to sit still or wait for others to get things moving, Simon is a great believer in just GETTING STARTED and continual learning.


With an MA in Computer Arts and BA in Digital Arts, Simon's creative background has helped him in many areas of his life.

Project Manager and Business Development

Helping tech start-ups and scale-ups grow through intelligent planning, strategic development and effective execution.


The ultimate dream for Simon is to go beyond the earth's atmosphere and head into space!

....One day he will be out there waving back to earth.

The Life Junkie by Simon Bubb

Author of

The Life Junkie

The Life Junkie is the revolutionary new paradigm in lifestyle design that will get your life on track today. This awe-inspiring new book describes how the Life Points system provides an objective approach to living, so that your life can be measured and improved upon over time. Simon A. Bubb


Licenced Private Pilot

I dream about flying (like superman) probably more than the average person! The next best thing I could find was learning to fly a single engine airplane like a Piper Warrior PA28 and is the closest I can get high in the sky without fear of falling.

Watch a couple of my videos in 360 degrees (using a mobile phone with or without a Virtual Headset is best). Or if you're on a desktop/laptop use your mouse to look around the cockpit.

PPL and Night rating

I then upgraded to a Night Rating which allows me to fly at night. An amazing experience!

Flying regularly in the UK is challenging

due to the changeable weather conditions, and being a private pilot (single

piston engine) means I can’t fly in bad weather (VFR visual flight rules only).

Therefore, when I get time I’d love to upgrade my skills to multi piston engine ratings and IMC (instrument meteorological conditions).

PADI Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver, and Nitrox

Another passion is scuba diving. Everywhere I travel to, I always aim to dive. It's an incredible experience in what is often an alien looking environment, with fantastic looking wildlife and the sensation of weightlessness

Simon Bubb scuba diving

There's more...

Past roles and achievements of note

SyTrac Records - Simon Bubb


Electronic House Music Label

The record label formed by Simon Bubb to release his music along with some other great musical talents including Ross Couch, Abstract Source, Elliot Chapman, Colin Dale and Rowpieces.

Focusing on deep house, tech house, techno, and drum and bass genres

Simon Bubb inventor


The Hub - lower leg exercise machine

I came with idea because I had always struggled gaining any significant calf muscle size.

I wanted a device I could use at home while working. Training lower leg muscles is not the most fun and I wanted to be able to exercise them while doing other things!

University Lecturer

Senior lecturer and head of department 

Senior lecturer and head of department for 3D Design and animation at University of Greenwich (School of Architecture) Lecturer in 3D design at the University of West London

(formerly known as London College of Music and Media part of Thames Valley University),

and visiting lecturer in 3D graphics at South Bank University, London.

And finally... 

Deep house, tech house, and techno DJ/Producer

NLP Practitioner and regular Mindfulness practice (Jon Kabat-Zinn being my favourite to listen to)

Interior design enthusiast

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